About the project

"Stalingrad in the history of Great Britain, 1942-1945."

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Non-governmental, independent, non-profit organization International charitable foundation "Battle of Stalingrad" (Stalingrad Foundation) (www.stalingrad-fund.ru ) from Volgograd (Russia) invites you to participate in the international project

"Stalingrad in the history of Great Britain, 1942-1945."


The project is the result of a historians and members of the Fund team.

The project aims to remind citizens of the UK and Russia

• on the common history of the joint struggle against Nazism during the Second World War;
• on the role and significance of the Battle of Stalingrad for the people of Great Britain;
• on an enthusiastic assessment of the results of the Battle of Stalingrad by British society;
• on the "Stalingrad" humanitarian initiatives of British politicians and public figures;
• on the public diplomacy of British civil society and large-scale campaigns to collect humanitarian aid to Stalingrad by residents of hundreds of UK settlements;
• on the decision of Coventry citizens to become a twin city with Stalingrad.

The project considers the history of relations between Stalingrad and British society in 1942-1945 as a history of solidarity, friendship and fruitful cooperation between our peoples.

The project aims to strengthen and expand friendly contacts in the field of public diplomacy between the civil societies of Russia and the United Kingdom.

The project includes the following set of measures:
1) the creation of the international traveling exhibition "Stalingrad in the history of Great Britain, 1942-1945" and its demonstration in the UK (London, Coventry, St. Albans), and Russia (Moscow and Volgograd);
2) international online contest "We helped Stalingrad!"
3) international round table in Volgograd (Russia) - “Stalingrad-Coventry: a history of twinning and modernity” with the participation of representatives of non-governmental organizations of Russia and the UK, youth and experts in the field of public diplomacy.

Authors of the project:
Dmitry Belov - President of Stalingrad Foundation.  
Alexander Bunin - Executive Director of Stalingrad Foundation.
Welcome to the project!