29.02.20 WE INVITE YOU TO THE EXHIBITION IN ST.ALBANS , events announced 10 / Февраль / 2020   1200

29.02.20 WE INVITE YOU TO THE EXHIBITION IN ST.ALBANS , events announced

The Stalingrad in the History of Great Britain exhibition at the New St. Albans Museum will open on Saturday, February 29th and runs through March 5th.


29.02.20 WE INVITE YOU TO THE EXHIBITION IN ST.ALBANS , events announced



STALINGRAD IN BRITISH HISTORY (1941-1945) events announced A special series of events are being hosted in St Albans to commemorate the often unheralded role the British people played in the decisive battle of Stalingrad during World
War II. Timed to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the end of World War II the events, which include an exhibition, lecture, a radio bridge and cinema screening are being supported by the charitable Foundation “Stalingrad Battle”, based in Volgograd, Russia (the former
Stalingrad) and the Rossotrudnichestvo Agency’s branch in the United Kingdom. The centrepiece of the commemoration is a unique exhibition entitled “Stalingrad in British History, 1941-1945” to be held at the New St Albans Museum + Gallery which opens on
Saturday, 29th February and runs until the 5th March. One of the main organisers is Graham Kentsley, who grew up in St. Albans and has a long
association with Volgograd explained; “The Battle of Stalingrad was the largest confrontation of World War II in which Germany and its axis allies fought the Soviet Union for control of Southern Russia. The scale of the Battle of Stalingrad is staggering with a cost of over a
million Red Army and civilian casualties. It’s fair to say that the hard-fought Russian victory was also a turning point of the war” said Mr Kentsley.
“What’s never been commemorated is the role the ordinary people of Great Britain played by contributing essential supplies to the people of Stalingrad during their long and desperate siege. In particular, residents of the towns and villages surrounding St Albans were know to
have given generously” said Mr Kentsley; “It’s been a long held ambition of mine to tell that story” he said. A lecture about the battle will be given by an esteemed Russian “Stalingrad” historian - Dmitry Belov, Ph.D at The Assembly Room of the Museum on Monday March 2nd at 6pm.
Dr. Belov is also President of the Battle of Stalingrad Foundation and he remarked; “It is important to remember that Russia and Great Britain were vital allies in World War II and

this story of the Battle of Stalingrad highlights a special bond between the ordinary people  of our two countries”.
Admission to both the exhibition and Dr Belov’s talk is free. To complete the Stalingrad in British History program in St Albans, a special screening of the epic feature film «Stalingrad» (2013) with a Q&A and special guests will be held at the Odyssey Cinema St Albans on Sunday, March 8th from 6.30 pm. Information and tickets will be available from https://odysseypictures.co.uk During the exhibition there will also be a radio bridge between Russian radio station Volgograd FM and Radio Verulam in St Albans. “It’s a special moment to provide the people of St Albans and Volgograd the opportunity to talk together about the Battle of Stalingrad” said Mr Kentsley.
Notes to editors:
Event schedule:
Venue: The Assembly Room, The New St Albans Museum + Gallery, Town Hall, St Peter's
St, St Albans AL1 3DH UK
Dates: 29 February – 05 March, 10am-6pm
Admission free
Venue: The Assembly Room, The New St Albans Museum + Gallery, Town Hall, St Peter's
St, St Albans AL1 3DH UK
Date: Monday 02 March, 6pm
Admission free
Venue: Odyssey Cinema, St Albans
Date: Sunday 08 March, 6.30pm
Admission by ticket from the cinema: https://odysseypictures.co.uk

https://www.stalbansmuseums.org.uk/whats-on/stalingrad-british-history - The New St
Albans Museum + Gallery https://odysseypictures.co.uk - The Odyssey Cinema St Albans

Graham Kentsley and Yana Fedorova: UK Ambassadors for The Stalingrad Battle
email: TheEnglishManInVolgograd@msn.com The Englishman In Volgograd project -

The Exhibition event - https://www.facebook.com/events/2725354637500371/
Dmitry Belov and Alexander Bunin - President and Executive Director of The Stalingrad
Battle Charitable Foundation


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